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We offer a full range of treatments and services available on the National Health Service: 


BAND 1 - £23.80 This includes examinations, x-rays, scaling 


BAND 2 - £65.20 This includes fillings, root canal treatment, treatment of periodontal disease and additions/relines to dentures


BAND 3 - £282.80 This includes NHS dentures and Crowns


The above list is not exhaustive and there is a whole range of other treatments that are available within these bands. 


In addition to this, we offer private options for treatment, including:


- Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

- Dental Implants

- Inman Aligner Fast Braces 

see www.inmanaligner.com for details 

- White Fillings

- Cosmetic Crowns and Veneers

- Splints specially designed for Tooth Clenching and Grinding

see www.s4sdental.com for details

- Anti-Snoring Appliances

see www.s4sdental.com for details

- Flexible Dentures

see http://www.sundentallabs.com/UK/sunflex_partials.aspx  for details




Below is a list of fees for some of our private treatments available:


New Patient Examination - £65

Regular Examination - £45

X-rays- £10

Simple Scaling- £35

Composite (white) Fillings- £60 to £120 depending on size

Root canal treatment £250-£450 

Porcelain Bonded Crowns- £450-£550

Aesthetic Porcelain Jacket crowns £650

Porcelain Veneers - £350-£450

Teeth Whitening - £350

Partial Acrylic Dentures- £300 up to £500

Partial Chrome Dentures- £500 up to £900

Flexible Dentures- £450 per denture

Implants- £2000-£2500 including crown


Other treatment as individually quoted in surgery


















Making an appointment:


01986 872113 (Halesworth)

01986 893899 (Bungay)






Daniel Evans and Associates

Hooker House

Quay Street 

Halesworth IP19 8EP


Daniel Evans and Associates

6 St Mary's Street 

Bungay NR35 1AX



Opening hours

Monday - 9am to 5pm 

Tuesday - 9am to 5pm

Wednesday - 9am to 5pm

Thursday - 9am to 5pm 

Friday - 9am to 5pm


We are closed for lunch between 1pm and 2pm. 


If you have a problem outside our opening hours, please contact the Dental Out-of-Hours number on 111


Our principal, Daniel Evans is now placing implants at the Halesworth Practice. Implants are a fantastic fixed alternative to dentures. If they are well looked after and placed in a healthy mouth, they have a very high success rate. Please contact reception if you would like to discuss having implants. 


One of our Associate Dentists, Josh Davies, is now offering the Inman Aligner! 

This is a revolutionary new type of removable brace used to treat crowded teeth. The treatment is carried out in a fraction of the time that conventional fixed braces take- it can be completed in as little as 6 weeks! 


The cost of the treatment is also much lower than the standard cost for fixed Brace treatment. Please contact reception and log on to www.inmanaligner.com 

for more details. 



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